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    Our Mission

    Our mission at Venture Partners RE is to deliver an outstanding level of service and expertise while helping our clients buy and sell properties fast, stress-free, and for the best price in the Austin real estate market. We have over 12 years of experience in the local area market as a top broker. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest standard of service, systems and performance necessary to fulfill your real estate needs without the typical pretentiousness that comes with most luxury realtors. Every client is our top priority, regardless of location or price point.

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    Why Sell With Us

    Looking for an austin real estate agent with proven results and fantastic reviews? Look no further!

    When your home is represented by us it benefits from the recognition and prestige of the Venture Partners RE name and gains exclusive access to highly qualified clientele. As an experienced local Austin realtor, we have formed deep roots in Austin over the past 12 years successfully connecting home sellers with buyers in the area.


    Venture Partners RE has local market strength, an all-important factor in attracting qualified buyers, which cannot be matched!

    Our experience, expertise and dedication to high-quality service are leveraged by the exclusive resources, genuine reputation and widespread client access offered by the Venture Partners brand. This exceptional combination provides a powerful advantage that can help you successfully reach your real estate goals.



    We love helping home sellers make the absolute most amount of money. We do this by utilizing our extensive experience, ever-growing database of personal buyers, cutting edge marketing and real life experience listing strategies. This gets real results. Contact us today, and I’ll show you how I get incredible results for our clients in Austin and surrounding areas including North Austin communities. We would love to help you meet all of your home selling goals and exceed all of your expectations!

    Over the past 10 years we have worked hard to develop systems and processes to streamline your home selling experience. We are always one step ahead so that you never have to worry about your home sale. We will explain all the contract details and keep our dates and deadlines on track. This avoids any problems with your closing and ensures a smooth closing.

    It is our primary goal to exceed your expectations. We take great pride in our 5 star customer reviews and will do everything possible to ensure the sale of your property is a 5 star experience. Click below to schedule your appointment to see how we can help you sell your property today!


    We love helping home sellers make the most amount of money when selling their property. We have been successfully connecting sellers with buyers in Austin for almost 10 years.

    Below we have put together our top 5 tips to take into consideration when selling your home or investment property.




    • Unfortunately there is not a lot of room for emotion on the both the buying and selling side of real estate. Selling your pride and joy may be harder than expected, but here’s a couple of tips to get past the dismay. 
    • When you decide to list your home, you may need to compartmentalize the fact that you may have been living in the home for some time. You may have grown up in that home, or maybe it was your Grandparents place and holds sentimental value of going there as a child. Either way being too attached can make it emotional to sell a home. 
    • Picture the sale as a business, decorate the home differently and stage it properly. This can drastically change the way you feel about the home. Taking out your furniture and using staged furniture can make it seem less like your home.
    • It’s always a good idea to engage an agent when emotions are in the way. Being able to negotiate with a buyer can require mental toughness and anxiety can lead you to make costly mistakes.

    Price Point

    • Do your research. It’s hard not to be biased toward your home and of course this makes price setting difficult. Research the current market of similar homes and use this as a guide. Set your price reasonably. It can sometimes be better to set a lower price than what you first thought to try and create a bidding war between potential buyers, ending up in a better sale price! A good Agent will be able to help guide you with these decisions and make sure you’re not listing too high or too low. 


    • Timing can be the difference between coming away happily after selling your home with more than your listed price, or walking way bitter and disappointed you didn’t get what your home deserved. There are always highs and lows at different times during the year. The summer is commonly the best time to sell as buyers are out actively looking for a home. Winter on the other hand has people staying indoors. Austins mild climate helps mitigate against a larger fluctuation in Winter, but it is still undoubtedly a slower time. 

    Photos and Staging

    • Engaging a professional for staging and design isn’t always a necessity. However ensuring the house is clean, uncluttered, the furniture fits the room, and some colorful flair is a must. Done properly, this can often increase the value of a home by up to 10%! It’s up to you whether or not to engage a professional, but often it’s them that will get you closer to the 10% increase.
    • Professional photos however is essential. Using photos to market your home is by far the most effective way to draw in buyers. With professional quality photos it can make the house look far more impressive than without. Some agents will not agree to market the house without professional photos.


    • Performing a remodel just before selling your home is a very effective way to increase the value significantly. However, thorough market research of homes for sale in Austin, TX and neighboring areas is important as over-capitalizing may price yourself out of the market for that area.
    • Other options are simply changing out kitchen and bathrooms cabinets or possibly repainting the walls.
    • There are many effective ways to increase value before selling your home. Reach out to some local contractors to get some quotes. Some of it you may even be able to do yourself.


    Try not to over-inflate the price of your home from the attachment you may feel for it. If this is an issue for you, ensure you use an agent to negotiate for you to capture the best price.

    Research the market carefully to come up with a competitive and fair price point. Sometimes the market is open to subtle variations in the way you might enter the market and a good agent can help you with these tactics.

    If you’re able to wait until a better time in the market, then wait. This can mean a significant increase in value, along with a more timely sale of your home!

    Use a professional photographer. There is no negotiating this.

    Consider hiring a professional interior design company to stage your home. They may not be cheap but they will undoubtedly bring you a higher sale price over and above what they charge you. 

    If you have the time and money to remodel, this is an effective way to draw in people looking for a turnkey property. Be careful not to over-capitalize. Sometimes the best remodel is a coat of paint and a new kitchen.

    Good luck selling your home!

    Venture Partners RE , your local Austin Realtors, love helping home sellers make the most amount of money. We do this by utilizing years of experience, an ever growing buyer database, cutting-edge marketing, and custom listing strategies that get real results. Contact us today, and we’ll show you how we get incredible results for our clients in Austin and North/South Austin communities.

    We would love to help you meet all of your home selling goals and exceed all of your expectations!


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